Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO Performs Flood Mitigation in Hood River Oregon

SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River & Wasco Counties understands that there is no such thing as a convenient time to have a water damage in your home of business. The local professionals at SERVPRO can utilize procedures to help speed the recovery from a water damage. In this instance, SERVPRO performed a "Flood Cut" to open the lower portions of the affected drywall, in order to speed the drying process. In addition, the "Flood Cuts" are performed at exact heights (such as 2 feet), in order to make the drywall installation faster, and the matching of texture and paint seamless. No matter the need, at SERVPRO, we're always here to help!

SERVPRO deploys "Rescue Mats" in Hood River, OR

SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River & Wasco Counties was contacted by a local property management firm after a water damage to a vacant unit. The local SERVPRO professionals were quickly on the scene and deployed "Rescue Mats" - that concentrate vacuum directly on the flooring surface, drawing the water out through the channels in and under the flooring. This also protects the finish of the flooring, unlike conventional "wand extraction" or "truck mount extraction" used by many water mitigation contractors or carpet cleaning companies. 

Leaking Hot Water Heater

SERVPRO understands the damage a leaking hot water heater can do to your home or business. This leaky hot water heater was not discovered until the homeowner noticed a musty smell and damp carpet several rooms away from the hot water heater. SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River and Wasco Counties quickly identified the source of the wet carpet, and immediately mitigated the damaged carpet and padding. The homeowners sub floor was able to be dried without removal, and an antimicrobial product was applied to control mold growth. The professionally trained technicians from SERVPRO were able to have this customers home in The Dalles, Oregon completely dried in time for the new water heater and carpet to be installed. The homeowner was thrilled that the situation was able to be managed and coordinated so seamlessly from start to finish by SERVPRO.

Injection Dryer in use

This special equipment is called an Injection Dryer. It is used to dry the installation inside the wall. We remove the baseboards and drill holes. We then insert the hoses from the injection dryer into the wall to start drying. In this case, it was being used because a waterbed leaked through the flooring on the second story and into the walls on the first floor. 

Pack out and pack back

For this water loss job, SERVPRO of EAST CLACKAMAS, HOOD RIVER AND WASCO COUNTIES had to do a pack out to our shop. This was a water loss due to a failed toilet seal. We had to pack up this customers contents and have it properly cleaned and dried. 

Air Movers drying out a room due to a water loss in the crawl space.

Air movers (aka “industrial air blowers”, “commercial blower fans” or “floor drying fans”) are used in construction and water restoration projects, having a wide variety of industrial applications. Their primarily used to increase air circulation, which speeds up water evaporation and reduces drying time. Compressed air is also used to maximize airflow in a blower fan or air mover. Hence why the air movers are set up in a circular motion here in this picture.