Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Long icicles hanging from gutter

Ice Dam in Parkdale Oregon

This Ice Dam in Parkdale Oregon is a classic example of what can happen if heat from a home escapes through an attic, melting snow and causing the water to run down the slope of the roof, until it reaches the overhang of the soffit, where the cold air underneath causes the water to freeze again. SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River & Wasco Counties reminds home and business owners to take preventative measures, and keep a close eye on your roof and gutters, before disaster strikes. 

Bubbles in ceiling paint holding water

Winter Storm In Parkdale, Oregon Causes Water Damage

From winter wind and ice storms, to summer thunderstorms, water intrusion can manifest itself in many ways. As water finds the path of least resistance, it can build up behind painted surfaces, because it acts as a flexible barrier. SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River & Wasco Counties has the expertise and equipment to thoroughly inspect the entire structure, to completely "map" the path the moisture has traveled, in order to correctly dry all the affected components of your residential of commercial structure. Without a complete drying process, undiscovered mold growth could be a future concern. You can count on the professionals at SERVPRO to put their industry leading training to use for you, to make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Drain Backs Up Into Hood River Restroom

SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River & Wasco Counties was quick to respond to this Business when a heavy rain storm caused a storm drain to back up into the public restroom.

The local professionals at SERVPRO understand that time is money, and when your business is affected, you need help immediately. Our local crews are proud of the service they provide - after all we are part of the communities we serve.

If your business is in need of service, give the local Columbia Gorge professionals at SERVPRO a call - 24/7/365.

Winter Storm Causes Tree Strike in Parkdale

After an unusually severe wind storm this Parkdale, Oregon home suffered a tree strike that cleaved off the front side of the home. Thankfully no one was injured.

SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River & Wasco Counties was quickly on the scene to provide temporary tarp and board up services. When disaster strikes, services are needed immediately, and the local professionals at SERVPRO are the trusted choice of local Columbia River Gorge residents and businesses alike. 

If you need help right away, call SERVPRO!

Storm Damage Strikes Fast - And So Does SERVPRO

SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River, & Wasco Counties understands that when storms strike, you need help right away. The professionals at SERVPRO are available to stabilize structures from any event, including ice, water, wind, and even falling trees. This Hood River, OR apartment complex suffered a tree strike, and SERVPRO was on the scene in a moments notice to cover the roof and remove the water and debris from the interior before it affected any of the adjoining units.

SERVPRO on High Alert during summer fires

When wildfires strike, they can change lives in a moment. SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River and Wasco Counties understands the trauma that comes with property destruction. At SERVPRO, were a part of the communities in the Columbia River Gorge - we live and work here, we raise our families and care for our property in the Gorge alongside our neighbors as well. When another destructive fire season struck this summer, SERVPRO was actively in the field, responding to our customers needs - often working alongside homeowners as active fires were still present in the area. From cleaning smoke and soot damage, to contents restoration and structural rebuild capabilities, at SERVPRO of East Clackamas, Hood River and Wasco Counties, were proud to be the trusted choice of residents and business owners in the Columbia Gorge area.